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  • Guangzhou widpul furniture co., LTD is a manufacture and sale of five-star hotels, villas, senior club, hardcover curtilage professional domestic high-end furniture personality service providers.D Depp team has undertaken more than domestic brand of international 5 star hotels furniture custom engineering, with excellent quality and high quality service, to win customers highly appreciated, became a more classic case. D Depp with well-known Italian design team to design and develop villas, luxury furniture products, product in perfect shape and structure design, high standards of quality, environmental protection index all in accordance with international standards, one hundred percent with the international synchronization.

    Widpul collection of product design, production, sales and service in a body. On the management system, strictly according to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 standards, adhering to the "professional, innovation, integrity and efficient" concept of development, focus on product artistic, beautiful sex, security and durable sex, constantly strives for perfection to the product. Concentrate on building for the customer high quality products and provide satisfactory service.

    Widpul to "specialization, the fine management" model, in line with the technology at the core of creating the excellent quality, with the company's business development. "Quality to create a classic, achievement future" spirit of enterprise, and the "integrity, win-win, create" management idea, Depp is the cornerstone of the survival and development.