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    Zhuzhou Dahan Hilton Hotel

    Project time: In 2015

    Nature of the project: a full set of custom furniture

    Project introduction: Zhuzhou Dahan Hilton Hotel have a bird's eye view of the xiangjiang river scenery, close to the city centre, a stylish and comfortable guest rooms and advanced equipment; A variety of restaurants and bars provide you with rich food choice; The hotel has the first-class entertainment and leisure facilities and event venues, is the ideal for business travel or leisure trip. Excellent guest rooms and suites, 368 sets in luxuriant style is sending out the warmth of home, is the dream of you unlimited night slumbers. Provide a total area of more than 3000 square meters of clever space and customized professional services; With the largest city of banquet hall and 10 flexible multi-function conference hall, is the perfect choice meeting, product launches and wedding banquet.

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